Towanda Braxton



Towanda C. Braxton, the Founder of The Secret Squirrel and the fourth of six siblings, is no stranger to the world of professional assistants. Towanda is known to her family as "The Secret Squirrel" and also served as a personal assistant to her older sister Toni Braxton for many years.


Towanda definitely knows what it takes to get the job done. Recently Towanda has been tagged "The Responsible One" so she decided to spread her wings and start, The Secret Squirrel so that she could leverage her experience as a personal assistant, along with her personal needs as a TV personality, to provide training expertise to those seeking to work as a personal assistant.


Ms. Braxton will be personally involved throughout the courses as an instructor \ mentor to the students.

"Being a personal assistant isn't an easy job, basically, you have to be the second brain to the client that you are working for." - Towanda Braxton

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